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What Our Members Are Saying

DirectBuy of %club_name% members save thousands on remodeling their homes

"I was really surprised at the types of manufacturers they carried. I didn't think it would be many that you would find in a regular store. But any type of manufacturer that you're looking for, they have almost all of them—especially the stuff that we were looking for. We bought all of our kitchen appliances through DirectBuy - our fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. And we saved over $2,000 on all of those."

Enzo & Louisa A.

Nobody beats DirectBuy of %club_name% member prices

"They asked us after is there anything in particular that we want to see the difference in price on. We saw the catalog. They gave us a price and we both almost fell off the chair. We couldn’t believe the difference in price. And right then at that time, the difference in savings was more than what we paid for the membership. What we saved on bedroom furniture alone was about $3,000."

Brenda & Ricardo S.

Furniture and appliances prices so low they are only available to DirectBuy of %club_name% members

"We were looking for around a plasma TV, and we saw one on the outside that we really liked, so we thought we would go to DirectBuy and see what DirectBuy had. And so in doing, we found out that DirectBuy not only had the same TV, but they had it for substantially less, and they also had the updated model, which we weren't able to find in some of the other stores. And we also saved $1,500 on our purchase by getting it through DirectBuy."

Tom & Pat S.

The above testimonials were gathered from member and club submissions from throughout the U.S. and Canada, and do not necessarily reflect feedback specific to the location associated with this page.